Monday, 30 June 2014

Sam's Measurements

RSS Cross country

RSS Cross country

On Thursday morning the RSS seniors went to skoglund park for the 
cross country.

At first Vanessa told room 6 to start walking to skoglund park me and jonty
Were talking all the way to skoglund park .R6 was at skoglund park! I said to myself "what am I going to come.would I beet Sam Ratten?
  I had a tine bit of water and  I was very pumped up.year6,year5,year4! At first I did the warm

The year 4 boys line up Ebony HOO it and I run off.
Eli was run as fast as jonty.Jonty was taking the led.
Up the stairs was a bit of time. I was come 5th place
and finally I got to the finish line!

I got 5th place in the cross country COOL!I was puffing after the cross country the country is about 2 kilometer.
 I got my lunch out I need a lot of food because up the stairs was a bit hard.I was talking to my friends about the cross country. Everybody was walk to there friends when they finished there run. Everyone was racing every to year 3 to year 6. All year 3 to 6 have gone to there races and finish.

All the classes their was going to line up.we there walking to school but it start to rain.David said"we are all going in a bus because it is we zoomed in the bus to school and we had more lunch.